[SET] CORINGCO Brown False Eyelashes Extension Kit +Glue+Tweezer Beginner Self Adhesive Individual Partial Korean idol Makeup (BR 12mm)

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Color Brown
Material Feature Natural
Item Form Individual
Mounting Type Eyelash Glue

About this item

  • 01 Eyelashes Extension Kit : 200 Eyelashes + Eyelash glue + eyelash Tweezer
  • 02 High Quality : Coringco lashes are made from high quality fibers that are very close to the hair. Versatile for use from makeup artists to individuals.
  • 03 Convenience: You can use only the necessary parts without cutting long eyelashes.
  • 04 Light: It does not feel heavy or foreign even when worn for a long time.
  • 05 As a kit product, even beginners can start without burden.

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  1. We strive for a reasonable product line so that girls who wear makeup for the first time can enjoy healthy and good products.

    The package that stimulates curiosity contains cheerfulness and unique personalities, and makes the process of viewing and applying fun.

    For those in their 20s who like to show off, they can express their individual tastes with cosmetics and brushes in uncommon colors.

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Product Description

"TokTok Hara Filter Eyelashes"

Don't cut it from now on

I wonder if my lashes are so light that I don't even notice.

TokTok Hara! Apply to your eyelashes.

"Since the tip is not solidified, it is easy to lightly attach!

Outstanding comfort! Double the fixing force! "


-The advantage of this product is that the lashes are not thick and light, so they are indistinguishable from your own lashes. False eyelashes so far are artificial and too black, so they stand out, but this is very nice because there is no such thing at all.

-It's not heavy even if you wear it for a long time, it doesn't feel like a foreign substance, and it's very easy. It's much thinner than the false eyelashes I've used so far, so it's cute and soft.

-I knew the moment I put it on, it was lighter than the wings! You can put more on it wherever you like, so it feels like DIY!

-10mm is very good for daily use. If you use 11 and 12mm together, you will get beautiful lashes like Korean idol make-up, so it's fun.

I got eyelashes that go well with CORINGCO Choco Brown Mascara.

Step1) Gently apply glue under the lashes you use as shown in the image.

Step2) When the glue dries a little transparent after 10 to 15 seconds,

Grab the top of your lashes with tweezers Take it out of the case.

Step3) After doing eyelash curler, put the mirror under your eyes

Place her filter lashes on the base of the lashes. We recommend that you apply it from the center of your eyes.

Step4) After applying it to the center of the eyes, apply it to the inner corners of the eyes and the corners of the eyes in order.

Tap lightly, tap where it is lacking!

Natural eyelashes

[Present to purchasing customers]

Tweezers + adhesive glue

** The appearance of the tweezers color and glue may vary depending on the situation. ** **

Selectable length from 10mm to 12mm

Recommended number for daily makeup

Short lashes, inner corner of the eye: 10mm

When you want to lengthen your lashes: 11mm, 12mm

When you want to make delicate and three-dimensional eyelashes: Mix (10/11 / 12mm)

Don't you cut your long eyelashes every time and use them?

From now on, you won't have to do such annoying things!

Because there is no line under the eyelashes,

Eye strain is also kept to a minimum.

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